Story: At a bus stop on a street in Chicago, a young couple in high school emotionally confront his ties to an urban street life and her impending thoughts of suicide. 
Highlight: Featured in The Best Stage Scenes
Highlight: Official Selection, Mid-America Dramatists Lab (Chicago)
Highlight: Official Selection, Kingsborough Community College Festival (Brooklyn)
Highlight: New York Premiere, John Houseman Studio Theater, Love Creek Productions
Length: 10 Minutes
Cast: 1f, 1m; both characters are in high school
Audience: Contains adult subject matter and adult language; contains content related to suicide and teen pregnancy

Story: Shortly after the start of the Gulf War, a young American traveler is being questioned at an embassy before he’s allowed to board a plane back to the United States because of a brief relationship he had with a man from East Germany. 
Length: 10 Minutes
Cast: 2m
Audience: Contains adult subject matter

Story: Pensacola explores the lives of four Southern women. Trudy has been a single mother since her husband went to work one day and never came home. Since then, she has tried to find a cure for her loneliness while working as a cocktail waitress at The Tide Pool. Charlotte is married and has two daughters of her own. Recently, Charlotte suspects that her husband has been unfaithful and that their marriage is falling apart. Marie, a recent high school graduate, is having a difficult time deciding on the right career for herself and ponders over going to secretary school, competing for the title of Miss Florida, or becoming the U.S. Ambassador to Cuba. Always armed with the best gossip in town, Trudy’s best friend Berniece decides to end her affair with a younger man when a life-altering tragedy hits home. Pensacola is a powerful and heart-warming celebration of family, love and strength.
Highlight: Nominated for three Elly Awards by the Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance
Length: Full Length (90 Minutes)
Cast: 4f, 2m
Audience: Contains adult subject matter; contains content related to violence

Story: When high school student Abigail has a chance meeting with a stranger at a superstore, her feelings change about the difficult relationship she has with her mother. 
Length: 10 Minutes
Cast: 3f; one character is in high school
Audience: Contains adult subject matter

Story: At the Junior Prom, a sly misfit named Judy convinces Conner and Taylor, the newly elected Prom King and Queen, that she's poisoned the punch after they've each drank a glass, inspired by Maman Brigitte, the Loa of the Dead in Voodoo. Even though they fear their lives are nearing an end, Conner and Taylor refuse to repent for all the wrong they've done in their lives, especially for the horrific way they've treated Judy. 
Length: 10 Minutes
Cast: 2f, 1m; all characters are in high school
Audience: Contains adult subject matter

Story: Inspired by Alix Smith's photograph States of Union #3, this short play is about two women who - as mothers and partners - realize how important geography is in America.
Highlight: World Premiere, Rough Writers Festival, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
Length: 10 Minutes
Cast: 2f; both characters are in their mid to late 30's
Audience: Contains adult subject matter

Story: The year is 1965. Rita has been suddenly widowed as her husband, John, has been killed in Vietnam. Since his death, Rita has been ostracized by John's family simply because Rita is white and her husband was black. Loneliness has left Rita emotionally crippled and suffering from a deep depression. When John's older sister, Marla, shows up unexpectedly on Christmas Eve brandishing a rum cake, the two women finally come to terms with their shared grief and sorrow. Through their tears and conversation, they come to the realization they will always be family, despite the color of their skin. 
Highlight: Featured in The Best Women's Stage Monologues
Length: 10 Minutes
Cast: 2f; both characters are in their late 20's
Audience: Contains adult subject matter

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