Monday, January 29, 2024


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We are Blue Dasher Press. We are a small, indie press based in Sacramento. We publish stage plays, novels, short stories, and collections of poetry exclusively by writer David-Matthew Barnes (who also writes as Wren Valentino), who co-founded the company with us in July of 2017. 

To date, we have published more than seventy of David-Matthew's plays. Five of these scripts have been adapted into films. 

All of our stage plays are available to purchase at our digital store. Additionally, all of our stage plays are available to purchase via Amazon in Kindle Unlimited (eBook) editions. If you're an actor, we encourage you to check out the Monologues section, especially if you're looking for a contemporary audition piece.

Interested in performing one of our plays? Visit the Producing Our Plays section where you will find more information about the simple three-step process for requesting free production rights. 

All of our plays can be produced royalty-free. There is never a cost to produce one of our scripts. We believe theatre is for everyone.

To learn more about our novels and short stories, the Fiction section includes information about them.

Similarly, the Poetry section is devoted to our collections of poetry. 

You can find us on Facebook and on Instagram at bluedasherpress.

Please reach out to us at anytime with questions via our contact form. We will be happy to help you. 

Again, thank you for being here!