From Sky Lines by David-Matthew Barnes


Interested in producing one of our plays? 

The process is simple.

1. Please complete and submit an Application for Production Rights. Once submitted, this form is sent directly to a staff member for processing and approval.

2. Next, you will receive an invoice (via email) for the amount of the licensing fee with payment options and instructions.

3. Within 48 hours of submitting the application and paying the performance licensing fees, you will receive confirmation from a staff member.

Questions? Need permission to perform one of our monologues? Contact us at We're happy to help with the process and answer your questions.

Please note: A performance licensing fee is not necessary for productions that do not require an audience member to pay an admission price. An example of this would be presenting one of our plays - or a section of the script - in a classroom setting for educational purposes. In addition, we do not require a performance licensing fee for the performances of monologues from our plays unless the monologue is presented for a paying audience.

Our new affordable royalty rates:
$10.00 per performance for one-act plays

$25.00 per performance for full length plays

Our catalog of stage plays.

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