Friday, February 2, 2018

Free Friday! February eBook Giveaways!

On the first Friday of every month, readers can download the Kindle editions of our eBooks for free! Here is a list of our eBook giveaways for February 2, 2018. Enjoy!

Brave Enough to Love: Gay and Lesbian Stage Plays (collection; short plays + full-length plays; LGBTQ)
Deuces: Stage Plays for Two Actors (collection; short plays; duets)
Monologues That Kick Ass (collection; 121 monologues from 32 published plays; for women and men)
Twenty-Five: A Collection of Plays (collection; short plays)
You Think You Know Us: Stage Plays for Teen Actors (collection; short plays + full-length plays; teens; high school

Baby in the Basement (one-act play; drama; roles for 1 women + 1 man; teens; suicide; simple set)
Boxcar (one-act play; drama; roles for 2 young men; LGBTQ; simple set)
Hour Glass (one-act play; drama; roles for 1 woman + 1 man)
I Ate Lunch Alone Today (one-act play; roles for 2 women + 2 men; 1960's)
Johnny Ramirez Really Wants to Kiss Me (one-act play; teens; Latino; LGBTQ)
Just Before the Drop (one-act play; drama; LGBT; simple set) 
Number 76 (one-act play; drama; teens; Latino; award-winning; simple set)
Stay (one-act play; roles for 4 women + 2 men; teens; Southern)
Threnody (one-act play; drama; roles for 1 woman + 1 man)

Better Places to Go (stage play; large cast; drama; roles for 7 women + 3 men)
A Darling Among the Maidens (stage play; large cast; comedy; teens; religion)
Frozen Stars (stage play; teens; large cast; Latino; LGBTQ)
Sky Lines (stage play; roles for 3 women; African American; seriocomic)
Somebody’s Baby (stage play; roles for 2 woman + 1 man; award-winning)
We Never Made it to Paris (stage play; roles for 2 men; LGBTQ)

Ambrosia (contemporary romance; women's fiction; novel)

Backfire (gay romance; mm romance; novella)
Bruised (gay erotica; mm romance; mystery; thriller; novella)
Patience is Waiting (horror; novella)
Riding with James Dean (young adult; gay romance; mm romance; novella)